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5 Reasons Why You & Your Child Should Do Martial Arts

A lot of people understand that martial arts can have great benefits for children, but they forget that parents can also get a lot from it as well. Martial Arts is a great family activity everyone can enjoy and learn from together.

We believe the whole family should get involved in a martial arts program, why? Check out our reasons below ⬇️⬇️

Reason 1: They (and You) Will get Physically Fitter

Martial Arts will make you faster, stronger, improve your stamina and help develop your coordination. Also, physical exercise releases endorphins, which creates a sensation of well-being, leaving you feeling more motivated to do more and ready for new challenges. Now, we are all less active in our daily life than we were 20-30 years ago. Schools have drastically reduced the number of PE lessons for instance and we spend more time in front of computers and televisions than ever before. Martial arts training is a great way to bring an exercise routine back into your life.

Reason 2: You (and They) will increase your Focus, Concentration and Self-Esteem

Martial Arts training requires a high level of focus and concentration to learn and understand the techniques, principles and laws taught on the mat. Through consistent study and practice, students learn to reflect on what they have been taught, using their new knowledge to understand what has worked, what hasn’t, and why. Mastery of the Martial Arts and the earning of the rank of Black Belt can only be achieved through persistence and committing to trying your best no matter what. The belt grading and ranking allows those who practise martial arts to maintain motivation and be rewarded for their efforts through more challenging times on the journey to black belt. It is no secret that those who make a commitment achieve more simply because they do not quit. This is what both you and your children will learn through the practice of martial arts.

Reason 3: You’ll get stronger, both physically and emotionally

No-one gets through life without experiencing some negative times, but we must learn to get back up from a fall and deal with failure. The practice of martial arts teaches us to be confident and resilient, giving us the ability to be resourceful in the face of set backs or losses. We can learn to be confident and act the way we know we should and see our way through bad times making the right choices for the situation. Martial arts training teaches us to treat ourselves and others with the utmost respect so we can set higher standards for ourselves and be more effective in our daily life. This manifests itself in what we eat, the effort we put in our studies and self-development or the peer group we pick for instance.

Reason 4: Martial Arts teaches the importance of goal setting and becoming a leader.

Martial arts are taught in such a way that all students can do well because they are in competition with themselves, learning to be the best they can be and developing leadership skills. Businesses spend billons on leadership and motivational courses every year. Martial Arts provides a fun and effective method for people of all ages to gain those very same skills. People learn new skills by doing, seeing and listening. Martial arts are taught in a visual, auditory and physical way, so learners of all styles can benefit from them; allowing everyone to progress, no matter their age or ability.

Reason 5: You will learn to be safe, recognise danger, and the use of effective conflict resolution strategies

Martial Arts teach us to recognise and avoid danger in all its forms whenever possible. It combines both physical and mental self-defence: what to do in the case of an attack, as well as the skills necessary to be proactive in recognising and avoiding such situations in the first place. We also learn to apply the laws and strategies learnt on the mat to our relationships, our finances, health and so on… This is the true meaning of mental self-defence.

As we like to say 'The family that kicks together, sticks together!'

So why not book your family in for a FREE trial lesson at your local academy. Just click the button below, leave your details and an Instructor will be in touch to arrange everything for you!

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