Martial Arts for the Whole Family

Our largest number of students in the AEGIS Academies are all families who train alongside each other.

They see the value and the benefit of learning a new skill, supporting each other, motivating each other and just doing a fun bonding activity as a family unit.

Want something that your whole family can enjoy and benefit from? Then look no further than AEGIS Martial Arts.
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5 Reasons the Whole Family should do Martial Arts Together

Parents doing padwork

Quality Family Time

It can be difficult to find and arrange time for the whole family to do things together on a regular basis. Having your family training together once or twice a week is the perfect opportunity for some regular, quality family time.

Whole family earning new belts

It's Fun!

Each time you family comes to class you will be sweating, laughing and learning! Martial arts is a fun, engaging activity for all ages so the whole family can enjoy the activity together.

Black Belt stood together

Learn New Skill Together

Martial arts not only provides benefits for each family member, but you will all be learning and developing a new skill together. Learning new techniques and working through the different belts is a great common goal your family can work towards.

Family training alongside each other

Achieve Something As A Family

Achieving your belts and certificates as a family brings an exceptional feeling of progress to you are a group. You all work together, learn together and grow together to achieve things you may not have thought you could.

Family Class

Build Family Support Network

When you are having a challenging class or struggling with a new technique, there is nothing better than having your family at your side encouraging you and supporting you to achieve and do more.

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