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adult martial arts class
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Adult Programs

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With a focus on self defence and building fitness, you will start to see both mental & physical improvements immediately!

Adult's Martial Arts Classes: Build Your Physical & Mental Fitness For A Successful Life!

Our students are blown away by the positive impact on their lives! 

Bored of the gym? Don't enjoy running? Martial arts provides a great alternative to what a lot of adults are looking for to shake up their fitness routine. They have even found improvements in other areas of their life; increased motivation, more confidence, a positive attitude and many more!


AEGIS Martial Arts has been providing top quality tuition for decades & our qualified instructors can help people of all ages & abilities so we are fully equipped to help you on your martial arts journey.

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Martial Arts Classes For Adults

Classes are appropriate for all ages & abilities. Whether you come by yourself, with a partner or with a friend; you will have a fun time. You will learn basic physical techniques which are great for build fitness & for self defence. Classes are a mix of male & female so you will find plenty of positive, like minded people to share you journey with.

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Martial Arts Based Fitness

A fun, intense, skill based workout system which uses our unique training tool 'BEATBoXX'. Using martial arts techniques & principles as a basis, your workouts will provide a functional approach to fitness which helps boost your mobility & flexibility too. 

It is suitable for all ages & fitness levels plus no martial arts experience is required, everything you need to know will be taught to you as part of your classes.

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Family Classes
All Ages & Abilities Welcome!

Why enrol your child as well to learn & develop together?

Train alongside each other and enjoy the fun & experience as a family. Children love support from their parents & this is a great way to support your child AND benefit yourself as well

Free Trial Class for Adults Available

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