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Such a great event!

Updated: Jul 11, 2023

In October, we ran one of our regular free events for the local community. This one was our Ladies Self Defence Seminar.

We cover some key principles of self defence & cover some simple effective techniques to help if they ever find themselves in a position where they have to physically defend themselves. We didn't teach anything complex like jujitsu or ineffective like traditional karate, it was easy to follow, simple techniques & strategies they could implement quickly, with little thought needed and with the main aim of getting away from the dangerous situation.

Everyone had a great time and really had fun during the session. People afterwards said they learned a lot from it, a few mentioning just know how it feels to hit something has given them more confidence as they didn't know what to expect!

⬇️Check out these photos from the event ⬇️

To find out about future events at your local AEGIS Academy, follow up on social media.

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