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children and adults in a martial arts class

Helping Adults build happy & successful lives through Martial Arts

Martial Arts classes for Adults which can help you develop both physically & mentally, while having fun & learning skills to benefit your day to day life.

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Adult Martial Arts

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Do you want to become the best version of yourself? Feeling physically fit and mentally capable to take on all of life's challenges?

With life as busy & fast paced as it has become, we know how difficult it is to find a fitness routine that works for you.

Whether you just want to find a fun way to get fitness, learn self defence or even meet new, like minded people; our martial arts classes & qualified instructors can provide the perfect opportunity to achieve your goal, whatever it is.

The AEGIS Martial Arts organisation provides a safe, fun and positive environment in which to train and learn. Our martial arts classes can help you reach your goals; whether they be fitness, home or work based. Our curriculum will keep you motivated and engaged so you are always challenged & eager for me!

Relieve stress, become fitter & build MASSIVE confidence with the help of AEGIS Martial Arts.

2 adults in martial arts class doing interactive pad work drill

How Can AEGIS Martial Arts Improve Your Life?

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Build Confidence
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Improved Mental Health
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Learn Self Defence Skills
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Create Positive Habits

Our Goal Is To Improve Your Life For the Better

The AEGIS Martial Arts System has an in-depth curriculum developed to help students build both mentally & physically with life changing results. 

You will feel fitter, stronger, more confident, more focused and driven to achieve your goals. Don't give up on finding an activity that works for you, get started in Martial Arts and see the benefits today.

Getting Started Is Easy!

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children and adults in martial arts class

Why Choose AEGIS Martial Arts?


All our certified black belt instructors are DBS checked, fully insured and trained & qualified in how to teach Martial Arts.


Our curriculums foundation & focus is personal development and building life skills as well as learning the physical martial arts & self defence skills.


All of academies have top quality safety equipment including fully matted floors & pads.  They are also cleaned to a high standard regularly.

5 Reasons To Get Started In Martial Arts Today

Teenagers performing a punch in a martial arts class

Improve your Physical Health

Your physical health has never been more important, and we are not just talking about your cardio or strength. Mobility, flexibility and coordination are key for building a health body for your future, and Martial Arts can develop all those areas.

You Meet New, Like Minded People

Meeting new people and making friends as an adult can be difficult. In the fun, friendly environment of your classes, it can be easier to find people that are like minded.

Adult performing a knee strike in martial arts class
adults and instructor having fun in a martial arts class

Learn Effective Self Defence Skills

It is important that everyone knows a certain level of self defence skills. The AEGIS System was developed to be practical for self defence so each lesson you attend with increase your confidence in how to deal with those situations.

Build Confidence

Building confidence is still very important as an adult. With the fast pace of life and how quickly situations can change, it is good to know you have the self confidence to tackle whatever life throws at you.

focused adults performing kicks in a martial arts class
2 adults doing pad work together in a martial arts class

Manage Stress In A Constructive Way

Stress can be dangerous to our physical & mental health. Through the different training drills, Martial Arts provides a constructive way to work through and unleash your stress in a healthy way.

See What These Students Had To Say....

Becky S

"I've only been going for a few months and I love it. It’s great physically and mentally and I’ve grown in confidence. The instructors are really friendly and they help you to be the best you can be. Looking forward to moving my way up to get my black belt!!"

S Da Silver

"I've been going for many months now and I'm completely in love with the AEGIS academy and system! It makes all the difference when the instructors are passionate and do their best for you and if you want to improve your self defence and martial arts skills then AEGIS is the place to join!"

Danielle M

"Great place to train! Starting a new activity can be daunting but the whole team make you feel welcome, comfortable and part of the group. Its a great way to exercise and learn new skills. Fantastic way to build confidence. Highly recommend."

Free Trial Classes for Adults Available

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