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family martial arts class doing pad work

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Family Classes

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mother and daughter posing in martial arts uniform

Our Family Classes will help bring your family even closer together and creates bonds & experiences that will last forever.

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An Activity The Whole Family Can Enjoy Together

Do you want your family to spend regular quality time together instead of of only seeing each other round the dinner table?

AEGIS Martial Arts Teaches Life Skills

Attitude reward patch_edited.jpg
Self Confidence
Assessment Patch_edited.jpg
Goal Setting
Game Plan reward patch_edited.jpg
Self Control & Discipline
Failure reward Patch_edited.jpg
Focus & Concentration
Acceleration reward Patch_edited.jpg
Respect & Courtesy

Families Have Been Surprised By The Amount of Benefits!

Even though the self defence aspect of Martial Arts is important, it is so much more that punching and kicking!

Our Family Martial Arts Classes has been a huge hit with parents as they have really struggled to find an activity the whole family can enjoy together.

Plus it has helped them see MASSIVE CHANGES in each family member; including improvements in confidence, discipline, focus, persistence and attitude. Which means your family will not only get some fun quality time together, each person will get some extra development as well!

As we always say 'The Family That Kicks Together, Sticks Together!'

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Why Choose AEGIS Martial Arts?


All our certified black belt instructors are DBS checked, fully insured and trained & qualified in how to teach Martial Arts.


Our curriculums foundation & focus is personal development and building life skills as well as learning the physical martial arts & self defence skills.


All of academies have top quality safety equipment including fully matted floors & pads.  They are also cleaned to a high standard regularly.

5 Reasons The Whole Family Should Do Martial Arts Together

family smiling and happy after martial arts graduation

Quality Family Time

It can be difficult to find and arrange time for the whole family to do things together on a regular basis. Having your family training together once or twice a week is the perfect opportunity for some regular, quality family time.

Learn New Skill Together

Martial arts not only provides benefits for each family member, but you will all be learning and developing a new skill together. Learning new techniques and working through the different belts is a great common goal your family can work towards.

father and son in a martial arts class doing pad work together
family martial arts class with students wanting to answer a question

Build Family Support Network

When you are having a challenging class or struggling with a new technique, there is nothing better than having your family at your side encouraging you and supporting you to achieve and do more.

It's Fun!

Each time you family comes to class you will be sweating, laughing and learning! Martial arts is a fun, engaging activity for all ages so the whole family can enjoy the activity together.

mother and daughter perform kicks together in a martial arts class
parents working together in martial arts class

Achieve Something As A Family

Achieving your belts and certificates as a family brings an exceptional feeling of progress to you are a group. You all work together, learn together and grow together to achieve things you may not have thought you could.

See What These Families Had To Say....

Paul L

"Staff are very friendly and helpful, myself and children are getting a lot of enjoyment out of our experience. Also getting fitter, disciplined and focused both at AEGIS and in the home." 

John R

"Myself and my son joined Aegis a couple of months ago and it we both love it. The instructors are great and our confidence is already building. The way the techniques are broken down makes it easy to learn and it also lots of fun. Highly recommended, brilliant family class."

Zakia B

"As a single parent I decided that it would be a good idea to enrol my 3 year old and it's the best decision I made. Not only has he improved but he is focusing more. And because we are doing it together I feel like we bonded even more. Thank you."

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