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Ninja Tots martial arts class, children sat down and focused

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Ninja Tots Program

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children in martial arts uniform smiling and looking happy

Our Ninja Tot Program is delivered in a fun, safe environment and will help your child develop key life skills to set them up for a positive life.

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Kick Start Your Child's Development For The Future

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Parents, are you looking for a fun activity for your child that will also help them prepare for a successful future?

Children focused in martial arts class wearing boxing gloves


We understand there is a lot of activities available for your child and you want to choose which is best for them.

It's difficult isn't it? With school coming up soon you want to make sure your child is prepared as much as possible for this next step in their lives. You want them to be able to make friends, listen & focus on their teachers, behave without you there to guide's a lot!

Our Ninja Tots Program is designed to develop your child's key life skills to best prepare them for not just school but for their whole life. We can help them develop their listening & thinking skills which means they will get the best out of their school experience. With fun and engaging classes, you can be sure your child enjoys their classes as well.

We are here to support you Parents!

AEGIS Martial Arts can help you prepare your child for a bright future.

AEGIS Martial Arts Teaches Life Skills

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Self Confidence
Assessment Patch_edited.jpg
Goal Setting
Game Plan reward patch_edited.jpg
Self Control & Discipline
Failure reward Patch_edited.jpg
Focus & Concentration
Acceleration reward Patch_edited.jpg
Respect & Courtesy

Parents Have Been Surprised By The Amount of Benefits!

Even though the self defence aspect of Martial Arts is important, it is so much more that punching and kicking!

Our Ninja Tots Program has helped parents see MASSIVE CHANGES in their children; including improvements in confidence, discipline, focus, persistence and attitude. Which all means parents can be comfortable that their child will have the habits & skills needed for a successful life.


Getting Started Is Easy!

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Why Choose AEGIS Martial Arts?


All our certified black belt instructors are DBS checked, fully insured and trained & qualified in how to teach Martial Arts.


Our curriculums foundation & focus is personal development and building life skills as well as learning the physical martial arts & self defence skills.


All of academies have top quality safety equipment including fully matted floors & pads.  They are also cleaned to a high standard regularly.

5 Life Skills Our Ninja Tots Program Will Develop In Your Child

young children sat focused and listening in a martial arts class

Socialisation Skills

Your child will be working with a lot of children around the same age, learning new skills and having fun together. It is a great way to get them comfortable interacting with others building relationships with others as well.

Thinking Skills

Self control & discipline are core principles at the centre of AEGIS Martial Arts. By teaching your child to think through a problem or challenge before acting, we also improve their discipline.

ninja tot sat smiling in a martial arts class
ninja tot throwing a punch with confidence in martial arts class

Self Help Skills

By allowing and supporting your child to do more tasks and take on challenges more independently, we will increase their confidence and self esteem.

Language Skills

Your child will be introduced to new words and concepts to help in their Language skills develop. They will also develop their ability to focus and listen when it is required.

Ninja Tots class focused and listening to instructor
child in stance and guard ready to perform martial arts combination

Motor Skills

Developing basic physical skills at an early age is very important. Balance, coordination, body control, motor skills and more will be developed in your child in our well rounded Ninja Tots Program.

See What These Parents Had To Say....

Jennifer P

"Fantastic place to learn. They have lots of patience with my little one as he can have days where he doesn't want to join in and they take time with him. Highly recommend to anyone."

Nicola P

"Our 4 year old son has just started classes and we can see a difference in his behaviour, attention and patience. He loves attending and learning new techniques each week. Highly recommend."

Natalie R

"Friendly, welcoming and well worth the money! My daughter loves it here! She has tried rugby and ballet but we decided to commit to this, as the lessons she will learn are priceless."

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