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5 Ways Martial Arts Will Help Your Child at School

1) Physical exercise helps mental development

Physical activity has been positively linked to mental development and has been shown to improve memory and the ability to focus which will help your child improve academically. Even if your child is already an excellent student, it has been shown to improve the ability to solve problems so they can become an even better student. In our martial arts programs we challenge our students physically every lesson, not just in strength and fitness but also coordination and motor skills. It’s also a lot of fun meaning it’s a great reward for good school work!

2) Martial Arts helps children develop good social skills

Enrolling your child and family in a martial arts program can have a great impact on their social skills. You will be put in a situation where you have to work with partners and you will be sharing time with people who share a common interest and goal. In our programs we go as far as to teach our students how to communicate with other people; proper use of eye contact, tone and volume of their voice and even what to say. All very useful skills to make good friends at school!

3) Martial Arts helps children develop respect for themselves and others

Martial arts begins and ends with respect. How we treat other people has a big impact on our success in all areas of our lives. By teaching students when and how to act around people, whether that is when to bow in class, standing still and waiting for the next instruction or how to treat a training partner; by showing our students how we expect them to act and behaviour they know better how to treat others.

4) Martial Arts improves focus & concentration

People think throwing, punching and kicks can be quite easy but it does require a lot of focus. Using techniques with the proper form or using a combination of techniques requires a student to not only focus their body but it takes a lot of mental concentration as well. This can lead to better concentration on teachers at school and the ability to focus for long period on homework as well.

5) Martial Arts boosts confidence

At school your child will be confronted by new situations and academic challenges. How they choose to response will determine how they approach challenges in the future. We help build confidence by recognising our student’s achievements both in the academy and at school, through earning belts and earning stickers from completing tasks in the workbooks that accompany their program. All which adds up to a child that is confident enough to take on any challenge!

Want to find out more? You can book a free trial lesson for your child at one of our local academies. Just click below ⬇️

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