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5 tips to improve your confidence with personal protection...even with no Martial Arts experience!

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Following these basic tips can help you feel safe and more confident when out and about by yourself. Just remember ‘DEFENCE

D is for Danger Make sure you are able to recognise danger so you can either avoid it or take action to prevent harm to yourself. You are most at danger when you don’t realise there is any so beware of your surrounds and the people around you. Make the right decision about where to go, who to be with and try to avoid doing anything that would impair you awareness or your surroundings ie having loud music on with head phones in.

E is for Education Educating yourself in some basic self-defence is never a bad idea. Learning simple, effective techniques to distract so you can escape is a good way to start but enrolling in a professional martial arts program would allow you to take this education further. Plus it is a good fun activity to do with the whole family.

F is for Friends Try to avoid going places by yourself, especially if it is somewhere you don’t know very well. Being with a group of friend’s means you would be less of a target as well.

E is for Evade Don’t make yourself an easy target. Steer clear of areas you know could be dangerous. Stand tall, walk confidently with purpose and keep valuables hidden. Do your best to not look like a victim.

N is for Notify Make sure to let family and friends know where you are going and what time you expect to be back, especially if you are going by yourself. Always have an easy way to contact someone as well if things should change. It’s a good idea to know a family members number from memory.

C is for Cry Out If you do get into a dangerous situation, make as much noise as you can to draw attention to yourself so people can find you and help. Shout ‘FIRE’ and scream, which may even scare away your attacker as well.

E is for Exit Make sure when you go anywhere that you know where your exits are and which one is closest to you. If you have been attacked and the opportunity to escape safely comes along, take it. Don’t stay in that situation longer than you need to to be safe.

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