Martial Arts For Children

AEGIS Martial Arts will help your child's physical and mental development, giving them a real advantage in life.

With more confidence, discipline, focus and more; your child will be able to take on life's challenges and thrive.
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5 Benefits of Martial Arts for Children

Child doing padwork

Grows Their Confidence

By presenting your child with new challenges in a supportive, positive environment; we can help them achieve things they never thought they could do. This will boost their confidence to tackle day to day challenges.

Child kicking

Helps With Their Physical Fitness

Building good physical fitness and key motor skills at a young age sets your child up for success in the future. The classes are physically challenging and engaging so your child interest will be kept for a long time.

Child kicking a pad

They Develop More Discipline

A core principle of Martial Arts is Self Control, being able to choose when and how to act. With a focus on doing the right thing, your child's discipline will see development.

Child punching a pad

They Learn Effective Self Defence Skills

It is an important skill for your child to not only know how to physically defence themselves, but to understand all the other things they can do to keep themselves safe before a physical attack is required, it is always a last resort.

Happy, smiling child

Improves Their Focus & Concentration

Your child's attention and focus will be developed through the highly structured nature of the classes. They will understand when they need to concentrate and focus to achieve their best.

Give your Child a Positive Start in Life