Martial Arts For Adults

You are never too old to get started in Martial Arts, AEGIS Martial Arts makes it accessible for all ages and abilities.

Take up learning a new skill and improving all aspects of your physical health; fitness, mobility, flexibility, strength and more.

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5 Benefits of Martial Arts for Adults

Adult doing padwork

Improve your Physical Health

Your physical health has never been more important, and we are not just talking about your cardio or strength. Mobility, flexibility and coordination are key for building a health body for your future, and Martial Arts can develop all those areas.

Adult kicking the pads

Build Confidence

Building confidence is still very important as an adult. With the fast pace of life and how quickly situations can change, it is good to know you have the self confidence to tackle whatever life throws at you.

Adults training together

You Meet New, Like Minded People

Meeting new people and making friends as an adult can be difficult. In the fun, friendly environment of your classes, it can be easier to find people that are like minded.

Adults doing padwork

Manage Stress In A Constructive Way

Stress can be dangerous to our physical & mental health. Through the different training drills, Martial Arts provides a constructive way to work through and unleash your stress in a healthy way.

Adults kicking

Learn Effective Self Defence Skills

It is important that everyone knows a certain level of self defence skills. The AEGIS System was developed to be practical for self defence so each lesson you attend with increase your confidence in how to deal with those situations.

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